In Gratitude

Here’s my random in-no-order Thanksgiving gratitude post.  (No, it’s not meant to be comprehensive.  Yes, it may contain a secret message).

I’m so grateful for:

The cold leathery paw to the face which awakened me this morning.  Salem, my big black cat, thirteen years old and still trying to smother me.

Amazon, Kindle, KDP, and everyone who ever bought, reviewed, or told a friend about one of my books.  Bless you.

My friends, all of them, but especially the ones who’ve been around the longest.  You know who you are.  I can’t imagine facing this world without you.

Michael Fassbender in A DANGEROUS METHOD

The movie A Dangerous Method, if I can find a theater that’s actually playing it in this region…

The series The Walking Dead, which has fascinated and infuriated me so much, I just might write a zombie book.

My cat Howard, still a kitten at 15 months and plotting to launch his own advice column, Dear Tabby.

James McAvoy in the Brit drama, MURDER IN MIND

For British TV, independent British films, and books by British authors.  What would I do without you?

For Gevalia coffee, often the only thing that gets me to work each morning.

For my brother J. David Peterson, who has created four of my book covers — and two more in the pipeline!

“Dude who played Magneto,” as I once called him in a blog post

For my sister-in-law, former librarian and world-class bibliophile Barbara.

For Letty Hise, who solved my formatting woes.

For Donna, who puts up with more than most of you realize.

And finally, for those nice reviews of SOMETHING DIFFERENT.  When I published the book I wasn’t sure anyone — beyond the five usual suspects — would read it.  Now I’m glad I took a chance and put it out there.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “In Gratitude

  1. I am thankful for you, my friend. Whenever I question my karma or curse my fate, the universe's answer is "You got to keep Steph as a friend." Pretty much anything is worth that. Some days I cannot imagine what I would do without you. Wow, sappy much? Seriously, you rock in many arenas!

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