Protection Has a Cover and Blurb…

… can the book be far behind?  Hopefully not!

When Gabriel MacKenna enters Wentworth Prison in 1931, he promises himself two things: never to be buggered and never to turn prison queer.  Tough, smart, and ruthless in a fight, he quickly makes a name for himself inside.  But Gabriel, saved from the noose by a social crusader, is serving two life sentences.  And life is a very long time to endure Wentworth with no comforts but prison food, card games and cigarettes.  To survive endless days without the touch of another human being…
Five years after Gabriel’s incarceration, Joey Cooper arrives at Wentworth.  Every convict claims imprisonment through a miscarriage of justice, but Joey is truly blameless.  Trained at Oxford as a physician, the young doctor is innocent of prison culture and too handsome for his own good.  Facing eighteen years behind Wentworth’s towering gates, Joey cannot hope to survive without protection.  And protection is just what Gabriel MacKenna offers.  At a price…
Cover art by J.David Peterson.

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