Do Not Dare Me

Notice my heterochromic eyes

There is … a woman.  She is known as the Hussy.  She dared me to write this post.  Oh, and I will.

The ABCs of David Bowie

A … is for Ashes to Ashes, a song that inspired a BBC series

B … is for bisexual, which he mentioned was more a social interest than a physical reality

C … is for cocaine, best not go there

D … is for dance, as in let’s

E … is for Brian Eno, whom he worked with

F … is for Franny and Zooey, a book that inspired the name of his son

G … is for GLAM

H … is for heterochromia  (his eyes)

I … is for his wife, Iman

J … is for Jones, his original surname

K … is for his song Karma Man

L … is for Labyrinth

M … is for Mars, Spiders from

N … is for Nikola Tessla

O … is for Oddity (Space)

P … is for punk

Q … is for for his song Queen Bitch

R … is for the Royal Albert Hall, where he made a surprise appearance during a David Gilmour concert

S … is for Susan Sarandon, his co-star in The Hunger

T … is for The Man Who Fell to Earth

U … is for U know you have at least one song on your iPod

V … is for his song Velvet Goldmine

W … is for Wikipedia, where half of this comes from

X … is for the Brit show the X-Factor, where he was honored for his song Life on Mars

Y … is for his song Young Americans

Z … is for Ziggy Stardust

And Hussy — HAH!!

3 thoughts on “Do Not Dare Me

  1. L—Love him because he helped give me life. When I was 13, and shit was bad, he was there after my very first viewing of Labyrinth–whether he knows it or not. And the distraction of his amazing discography (this was 1988, so I had a BIG album list to try and get without the benefit of the internet)as well as my Bowie dictionary (a journal of words found in his songs that I needed to research, such as 'frock coat' and 'phallus'), scrapbooks with stolen pics from library books and magazines, and his creative visuals ("and my tissue is rotting, where the rats chew my bones. And my eye sockets empty, see nothing but pain" BLEW MY MIND) all kept me going when little else did. Great job Stephanie!

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