Project Updates

Ice Blue:

On vacation the better half re-read Ice Blue on her new Kindle.  I was shocked at the formatting errors.  Yes, for the marginally competent they are probably easy to avoid, but I just don’t have the time or patience.  So I decided to eliminate the typos, too.  Found a great copy editor, Jenn (click here!) and a great formatter (click here!) and there will be a hopefully pristine new Ice Blue just in time for its featured ad on Pixel of Ink this Sunday, November 20th.

Blue Murder (Lord and Lady Hetheridge #2):

In which the series’s subtitle becomes true at last:

Blue Murder, second novel in the Lord Hetheridge cozy mystery series, opens at a Halloween bash in London’s posh Chelsea district.  A townhouse is filled with the University College’s social elite: young and rich, over-sexed and over-indulged. Amid the fright masks and paper skeletons, sensitive Kyla Sloane flees into the walled garden for a moment of peace, only to find the corpse of Clive French. Clive, a pasty-faced, unpopular student, has fallen with the murder weapon – a shiny new axe – still buried in the back of his skull. Before Kyla can call 999, she hears screams inside the townhouse. Down the stairs staggers rugby star Trevor Parsons, an axe sunk deep in his head. He points at his girlfriend – the party’s hostess, the imperiously beautiful Emmeline Wardle – tries in vain to speak, and drops dead at her feet.

Meanwhile, Anthony Hetheridge, ninth baron of Wellegrave, chief superintendent for New Scotland Yard, is contemplating proposing marriage – again – to his lovely young subordinate, the willful, impetuous Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield. This time, he is determined to meet with success. The ring, a gorgeous family heirloom, is already stashed in his desk. The ancestral Hetheridge who commissioned the ring presented it to his sweetheart on St. Valentine’s Day, 1926. And he received a swift and decisive answer: no. Hetheridge, ever logical and rational, doesn’t believe in curses – yet secretly fears the magnificent family ring may be hexed. So he waits, hoping for an ideal moment for his second proposal to Kate…

Blue Murder should be out around late January 2012.

Something Different:

I’m trying to arrange a blog tour for this book, which has had some nice reviews.  Here are a few:


The next book from S.A. Reid (my adult romance alter-ego).  The cover is almost ready.  Here’s the blurb:

When Gabriel MacKenna enters Wentworth Prison in 1931, he promises himself two things: never to be buggered and never to turn prison queer. Tough, smart, and ruthless in a fight, he quickly makes a name for himself inside. But Gabriel, saved from the noose by a social crusader, is serving two life sentences. And life is a very long time to endure Wentworth with no comforts but prison food, card games and cigarettes. To survive endless days without the touch of another human being…

Five years after Gabriel’s incarceration, Joey Cooper arrives at Wentworth. Every convict claims imprisonment through a miscarriage of justice, but Joey is truly blameless. Trained at Oxford as a physician, the young doctor is innocent of prison culture and too handsome for his own good. Facing eighteen years behind Wentworth’s towering gates, Joey cannot hope to survive without protection. And protection is just what Gabriel MacKenna offers. At a price…

Fearful Symmetry (Past Lives Book #1)

Still working on the final version.  I’m hoping it will be ready by spring.  Can’t rush these things.

In the pipeline…

  • Soulless — an atheist and a vampire team up in England circa 1798 to save a village from something truly evil (S.A. Reid)
  • Update Your Status — maybe my first attempt at YA.  Maybe not.  Need to see how “appropriate” the final manuscript is.  The youngest (17) member of a family of con artists discovers a magic object of incalculable value.
  • Hephaestus’s Gift — Far in the future, the Terran Empire’s homeworld, Earth, is a graveyard thanks to Cuttthroat Virus.  95% of the Empire is infected or dead.  But on a backwater planet, a group of telepaths may have discovered a way to fight back.  These psis, led by a very unusual family, are humanity’s only hope for survival.  

2 thoughts on “Project Updates

  1. Well, thanks so much for the heads up! I look forward to re-reading Ice Blue! Actually, as you know, I love all your alter-egos and am thrilled that there is so much to look forward to! Especially excited about a new S. A. Reid! I am also glad to see plans to continue Update Your Status, as I had been enjoying it very much!

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