Writing as S.A. Reid

So — above is my latest book.  I know, it was supposed to be Fearful Symmetry (Past Lives Book #1).  Here’s what happened.  Fearful Symmetry was actually complete last year.  Some of you read the original version.  I liked it, and it was good enough to get shopped around with the “Big Six” (the traditional publishing industry) but it didn’t get selected.  And I decided if I was going to self-publish it, I would make it even better.  I tweaked some plot details and some character situations.  I rewrote it to the 2/3s point, got a great cover, and thought I would have it finished by September.  Then the Muse shifted gears.

Not Everyone Believes in the Muse

Writers have always been divided on the existence of “the Muse,” that source of inspiration that seemingly comes from outside.  Some people say they can’t write at all without it, without being absolutely inspired.  Others say the Muse comes and goes, but the mark of a true professional is to power through the dry spells and write anyway.

That doesn’t work for me.  Oh, I can write, no problem.  I can write anytime, about anything, and it will be competent.  That doesn’t mean it will be good, or worth reading.  When I “power through the dry spells” I turn out perfectly competent pages of writing suitable for lining drawers or wrapping fish.  That’s it.

So anyway, there I was, working on Fearful Symmetry, and suddenly the Muse started telling me other stories.  Stories that had to be written right away before they disappeared.  Three of them I put out as free offerings.  The fourth one, a story called Protection, got the most passionate, positive response of anything I’ve ever written.  And the fifth one, written in three weeks in a white heat, was called Something Different.  Mostly because it was different from anything I ever wrote in my life.  And I liked the end result so much, I put it out as an e-book.

Why the Different Name, S.A. Reid?

Mostly because I will still put out cozy mysteries as Emma Jameson and paranormal fiction as Stephanie Abbott.  If I’d put out Something Different under my Emma Jameson pseudonym, I could risk alienating those Ice Blue readers.  I’ve sold about 10,000 copies of Ice Blue since March.  I am very grateful and don’t want to hack those readers off.  And Stephanie Abbott’s paranormal stuff, with the superbeings and the psi-battles, etc., isn’t much like Something Different.  Or Protection, which I hope will be out in an updated version around Thanksgiving.

So I am resurrecting my blog but it won’t just be Victorian snippets now.  And Fearful Symmetry will be finished when it’s finished.  It’s a great story, I promise.  Too good for me to just finish it any old way.

I don’t know if I have any blog readers left, but if I do and you’re interested, reply in the comments or email me at steph DOT abbott1 AT gmail DOT com and I will send you a coupon for a free download of Something Different.  Be warned: mature content.  Here are some reviews:

2 thoughts on “Writing as S.A. Reid

  1. Well, I don't need a free download, I already own this. AND it's incredible! I love the personal nature of this blog entry, but you know I will love everything you write forever.

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