Emergency Helpful Post: Free Advice for the X-Men Sequel

Okay, I am supposed to be writing, but I just got an update that another McAvoy/Fassbender X-Men movie might happen.  So: please, please, Hollywood, be careful — the current movie is rebooting the franchise.  In other words, please don’t make X-Men: Second Class.  I realize my blog is copywrite-protected, everything original posted within is the intellectual property of the author, but SERIOUSLY — feel free to use any of this!

Who Will Be Field Commander of the X-Men?

Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is now in a wheelchair and unable to command in the battlefield.  So In the original comics, the field commander was Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops.  But now his “little” brother Alex is a founding X-Man, and Scott isn’t even born yet.  (No complaints — the movie version of Scott is hardly worthy of life.)

So who can lead the new team?  Alex is too hot-headed and Beast is too cerebral.  So how about this groovy 60s girl?

She’s young, hot, and half-dressed.  Perfect for a popcorn movie.

Polaris, like Magneto (Michael Fassbender), has the power of magnetism.  The X-Men need someone who can stand up to Magneto … at least theoretically.

Who Will Be The Main Villain?

Well, duh, Magneto, right?  WRONG.  Fassbender is a rising star and the Magneto/Professor X friendship is a big part of the fandom.  They will never agree, but they will never give up on each other.  What’s needed, in a summer popcorn movie, is a villain that lends itself to mass destruction with minimum actual bloodshed.  This is why summer is populated by Transformers instead of flesh eating zombies.  So, hmm, let’s see, is there a scary villain the X-Men can unleash against, without having to argue the ethics of murder?

Ah, the endless utility of the Big Metal Robot

Yeah, baby.  SENTINELS.  They’re (mostly) mindless.  They hate mutants.  They want to round them all up and exterminate them.  Plus, with a modern redesign, they’d made not only a great cinematic visual, but wicked cool TOYS.  Hello, marketing??

X-Men: Rise of the Sentinels … a FREE Three-Act Outline:

Act One: Charles says, Magneto is up to no good and we must stop him.  Polaris, a mutant nearly as powerful as Magneto himself, is Charles’s best hope to neutralize his old friend.  Charles continues to defend the government’s rogue mutant division until…
Act Two: Magneto was right, the humans were planning to kill us all along!  Cursing himself for his own stubbornness, Professor X and his students fight bravely, but get themselves captured.  Worse, the Sentinels have decided ALL human life is based on mutation.  Therefore, to carry out their prime directive, they must sterilize the earth.  Act Two concludes with a situation that leaves Polaris the last X-(wo)man standing.  She’s tired and beaten up … can’t go on … yet her power seems to be increasingly exponentially.  Is it her winsome expression, her lovely green hair?  Nope…
Act Three: It’s Magneto, boosting her to new heights.  He and his outlaws return to save the day and fight beside the X-Men.  In the end, the human race is saved.  Although the Professor and Magneto disagree, they’ve found themselves working together for the greater good once more.

But what about…

This guy, the ultimate kid fan favorite?

Put him in.  Make up some crap about his memory and put him in.  No worries about him not being the X-Men’s field commander.  You don’t hire a guy with metal bones to spearhead a fight against a fellow named Magneto.

Okay, Hollywood, happy to help.  Back to my own book.  Whatever you do, please — DON’T MESS THIS UP.

8 thoughts on “Emergency Helpful Post: Free Advice for the X-Men Sequel

  1. @ Jenx Byron: aw, thanks. I will work for snax. @ Court Anonymous: you're RIGHT! Sorry. At least I left out all the gay sex Xavier (McAvoy) and Magneto (Fassbender) have through the ENTIRE MOVIE. Azryal and Mae: We are going to Hollywood as a unit. You will represent me and we will crack heads.

  2. This is really f-ing cool. Except, Polaris is Magneto's daughter which could seem a little too… 'Look, here's my never-before-mentioned adult daughter to save the day!' and I think they've done well to avoid all of Erik's offspring so far in the films.Also, they've based film-Havok on Marvel Ultimates series Havok, which is the one where he's Polaris' boyfriend, and Hollywood would try and throw that in there. T_TBut that's a cracking plot. I'd absolutely love to see the Sentinals and it would be a perfect opportunity to build on the Erik/Charles love/hate thing. Nicely done!

  3. Hey, McFassing, thanks for commenting! Is Polaris back to being Magneto's daughter? Seems like she was rumored to be … then it was all a lie … then she retired with Havok to breed Corgis (okay, I made that up, but she retired) … then she was possessed by Malice and … I guess by then I was working full time and lost track.I actually was going to mention Polaris/Havok as another benefit of making her Field Commander. It gives a conventional romantic element to the movie and doesn't saddle either Charles or Erik with a girlfriend of the moment that no one really cares about.

  4. I like it.Write it up in script form.Send it in.And if you can work Wolverine in, please do so. Seriously, I think it could be a heckuva summer movie…and I'd love to see the Sentinels in action.

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