True Blood Season 4 Opener

As usual, I am busy writing, so this post is just a reaction, not a structured review.  Here we are at season 4…

What’s that game called?  Marry, Kill — what?

Sookie in the Land of the Fairies

I suppose it was fine.  Competently done.  I wondered if viewers who (as someone once told me) “just tune in for the dudes” gave a damn about Queen Mab et al.  I didn’t care, but I’m kind of jaded.  I also rolled my eyes when Sookie met Grandpa Earl just long enough to lose him, and cry over him.  Sookie crying again.  Riveting TV.

Um … yeah.

Tara the Traveling Bisexual Cage Fighter

Am I the only one who found this latest attempt at a story arc cringeworthy and impossible to believe?  I swear, the people running this show need help.  It is very true, if you run around with super-powered people, you need super-powers yourself.  Otherwise you are always the hostage/victim.  Tara, an ordinary person whose best friend is always this close to death, needed to be killed off or given a defensive power around season 2.  In the Charlaine Harris novels, Sookie has a friend who’s a witch.  Why oh why didn’t the producers/writers merge Tara’s character with the character of that witchy friend?  Instead we have the wonderful Lafayette as a reluctant witch, something that may or may not work.  He should have been made a vampire by Eric.  It wouldn’t have changed anything we love about Lafayette, except given him the power to sell his own V and perhaps become a local celebrity.  Can’t you see him taking questions on his own web show, Queer Black Vamp?  He’d be more popular than Nan Flanagan.

Steering into the Ditch

Speaking only for myself: Hoyt and Jessica’s domestic problems.  No.  Sam’s shifter group?  No.  Arlene’s possible bad seed baby?  No.

Two good things came out of the mostly-good third season: Vampire King and television star Russell, and this guy:

I’d love to know why Arlene made it into the premiere and he didn’t

True Blood is supposed to be fun and sexy.  Grandpa, tears, weird baby, wild horses, WTF????  What about Alcide?

Eric Northman, Small Business Owner, and Bill Compton, Your Grandma’s Favorite Vamp

These are the parts that worked for me: Eric using the TV camera to make sweet, sweet love to all his potential customers, and Bill using his 19th century charm to mesmerize a group of senior citizens.  Then Eric reveals HE bought Sookie’s house (duh) and Bill reveals HE is the new Vampire King (whoa).  I liked that twist, but why do I fear it will lead to this sort of sequence:

SOOKIE:  I will never trust you again, Bill Compton!
SOOKIE:  I trust you again, Bill Compton.
BILL: While I thought you were dead, I married Sophie-Anne to become King and now I keep her locked in a coffin.
SOOKIE: (in tears) I will never trust you again, Bill Compton!

Yes, I Know, Comparisions Are Odious, But …

There’s another HBO show that just spent 10 episodes teaching us what PLANNED character development looks like.  I hope it’s not too late for the True Blood writers/producers to watch that show and take some notes.

Actual photo of a character with a planned story arc experiencing character development

2 thoughts on “True Blood Season 4 Opener

  1. =) This was great Steph. I really didn't like all the nonsense either. I did like that Eric bought her house, but mostly for the seduction angle that everyone knows is coming. Bill was great in season 1 but quickly became quite the loser. Ugh….I like the development of Lafayette, but I have always been a mad fan of his….everyone else was quite pathetic. Jason seemed a little grown up though, so at least maybe we have that to look forward too instead of his whining and crying and boy-like annoyingness. We'll see. So far though, aside from Eric and Lafayette, I'm thinking Game of Thrones is already a much much better show…but that might just be my love and adoration for Dalearys (Kahleesi)….god, that was stunning…. 😉

  2. I think hands down GoT is a much better show, perhaps because it's based on a much better series of books? I too wondered where Alcide was since he is absolutely the hottest male on the show. Although, truth be told, I'd give them all up for one night with Dinklage's Tyrian Lannister! sigh…Good cursory review, Steph.I can't stand Bill so the fact that he's turned into an unctious politician just tickles me.

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