Dream Casting: Michael Fassbender as Ted Harrington

Even the clothes are nearly correct…

Can I post this to my blog without looking and sounding like a complete jackassy doof?  I know Anne Rice routinely posts to Facebook about her “dream casts,” but she’s Anne Effing Rice, so (1) it could actually happen and (2) she’s Anne Rice. 

Oh, I don’t care.  In this picture, Fassbender looks exactly like one of my 1870s characters, the master telekinetic Ted Harrington, and I just can’t help myself.

3 thoughts on “Dream Casting: Michael Fassbender as Ted Harrington

  1. First of all, it's your blog, so you should be able to say what you want. I love this picture, and I, too, think it would be ideal casting. We might as well dream big!

  2. Personally, I thought of Ted as bigger, wider I guess, more obviously muscular. But I could be very happy with Fassbender as Ted. He's a helluva actor. And like Jenx said, it's your damned blog, post what you want to.

  3. @mewofford: Feel free to think of Ted however you want!More than once I started to refer to him that way, and every time I would be checked by two thoughts: (1) Upper-class Victorian men didn't work out to get ripped, only to get strong and (2) he's telekinetic. Capable of pulling the arms and legs off enemies, knocking down walls, and holding up the Pergamon's ceiling when the building starts to collapse. So there's no emotional incentive for him to work out to Khal Drogo proportions.For these reasons I refer to him as tall with broad shoulders and a swimmer's build — narrow waist and long legs.But still. Imagine him however you want! I like Fassbender because I see Ted as charismatic, sexy, and truly dangerous, rather than male model handsome.

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