X-Men: First Class

Okay, this is less a review (which is structured) than a reaction.  No spoilers held back.  SO GO SEE THE MOVIE BEFORE YOU READ THIS AND LET ME RUIN IT.

This pose means I am USING MY POWER…

Professor X:
I loved this take on the character.  He’s walking!  He has hair!  Mystique is his foster sis … huh?  Okay, the movies that were more or less canon weren’t great, so let’s just go with it! Any version of Charles Xavier that lets me see him chug a yard of beer, then try to pick up Moira MacTaggart by telling her she has a “groovy” mutation is a movie I want to see.

A scene too awesome to caption

In love with Charles?  Drawn to his sexy older friend Erik?  Okay, why not?

Is it just me or did “Hank McCoy” look so much like “Scott Summers,” it was distracting?

Very clever, using this character to come up with Cerebro and Banshee’s flight suit and Havok’s concentric circles of whatever-they-are.  Amusing when he said the line “They didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell,” since apparently after 40 years of straight beastliness, the character is now gay.  I can’t keep up with all the permutations, but it was a relief to see him furry and blue again.  (How many people saw Oliver Platt and thought, “Ah!  Beast!”  He looked more like human Hank than this cute kid above.)

Dude was awesome

This actor, Michael Fassbender, absolutely NAILED the character.  Didn’t hurt that he had a good script and a good character — the ever-insightful Professor X — to play off, but still, huge props to Fassbender for making the character both fearsome and sympathetic.  Sure hope he returns for a sequel.

I can turn to diamond, just like Husk!  Makes a nice visual!

The White Queen:
I was a little disappointed by her seemingly submissive nature.  I understand she’s hugely popular in the comic now, I guess because of her penchant for walking around displaying Victoria’s Secrets, so I expected a bit more from Emma than just chipping ice for Sebastian Shaw’s whiskey.  Ah, well.  It was the 1960s …


 If you’re not a fan, don’t worry about it.  If you are — don’t ask anyone, just see the movie!!!

2 thoughts on “X-Men: First Class

  1. @ Komal Mansoor — thanks for commenting! Also for complimenting my writing, I appreciate it. Come Sept I'll be sure to send you a code for a free copy of my first book, Fearful Symmetry, if you feel like reviewing it.

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