Doré’s Victorian London

An iconic image of a Victorian slum

Paul Gustave Doré

Gustave Doré (1823-1883) was a French artist best known for his engravings in wood and steel.  Two of his most famous works are his illustrated Bible and London: A Pilgrimage.  You can view much of his work at Project Gutenburg.   

A peddlar


Note each backyard has its own outhouse.

Terrible traffic congestion and ad copy everywhere; in some ways, Victorian life wasn’t so different


And finally, if they made a biopic…

… I know who should play him … Proof of reincarnation?  Hmmm….


5 thoughts on “Doré’s Victorian London

  1. I love the information you share. Modern readers may not know a lot of this, and you find things that even I have not learned in our long association and my wide reading! You rock!

  2. I have to admit, I once knew of another source for those same Doré pics, but had mislaid my notes.Now that I know where to find them once more, I thank you very much!The truth about Victorian London can be overlooked. So much suffering is evident in each rendering. But the truth is, we may not ever really know the extent of any decay, poverty, and loss felt each day by those living in such conditions as were common in his day.It really breaks the heart, nonetheless…My mission is simple, to hook people up with your blog—with your permission.Would you be so kind as to contact us if this would be allowable? This post is too perfect for our current Link-Up, in particular, the traffic pic.Thank You for considering it!Rose & Co

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