Interview: Paranormal Romance Author Zoe Winters

Today I’m excited to welcome Zoe Winters, author of the new book (also available as an audiobook) called SAVE MY SOUL.  Zoe was kind enough to answer a few questions about the book:

What kind of heroine is Anna Worthington?
Anna is a little bitchy, lol. Not bad, bitchy. I don’t think. You should have seen her in earlier drafts. You would have wanted to kill her. Universally early beta readers wanted to strangle Anna. My problem was she was snarking a little too much, so I had to cut some of it back and just use the best snark. Anna is the type of character who hides a lot of fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities behind bitchy bravado. Her mouth sometimes gets her into a lot of trouble. When she meets the incubus, she privately acknowledges that this time it might get her killed.

She’s got many lovely qualities as well. She’s generous and generally fun to be around, but she can be a little mouthy. One place where I think I did take the character in a different direction from the standard was that instead of making that bravado wall totally impenetrable, I allow her vulnerability to show through, so readers can like and sympathize with her. And, of course, I show Luc’s POV so readers can understand what he sees in her.

Tell us a little about the “Preternatural,” Luc.
Luc is lovely. He’s a little bit of a tortured soul but not so far into Broodville that you want to murder him. Which would actually be impossible, since you can’t really kill demons. He’s an incubus who lived without remorse until about fifty years ago. He hunted, fed, and killed. And that was pretty much his day. He didn’t have much reason to feel guilty for any of it, and he was also a little bit influenced by Cain’s mentality. (Cain is the head incubus. He believes, due to reincarnation in this verse, that… he’s not “killing them,” just “inconveniencing them”, and they “die happy”).

Luc gets involved with a witch who casts a spell that unlocks his human compassion. On top of that, she ends up trapping him in the house with yet another spell. So he’s had quite a while to be alone and think about what he’s done. He’s very protective of Anna. He’s an antiques fiend. (Don’t even think about putting your sweet and sour chicken on the cherry coffee table. He’ll go into orbit.) And he makes a mean omelet. If it weren’t for that whole demon thing, he’d be the perfect man. 😉

SAVE MY SOUL is #2 in your Preternaturals series.  Do readers have to start with book #1?
No, they can read in either order. In general in this series, readers will be able to read in any order they want to and at least not be lost with the front story. But if they want to know what’s going on in the backstory as well, reading in order is best. (With the exception of Save My Soul.) There is nothing that really happens in SMS that is going to confuse anyone who hasn’t read Blood Lust. Though, I’d recommend picking up book 1 before going on to book 3 (which isn’t out yet). There will be quite a few things in book three that groundwork was laid for in books 1 and 2.

In the Kindle synopsis, the line about “a coven of witches from lust bunny hell” made me laugh.  Can you tell us a little about them?
hehe. They have sort of a fondness for naked bonfire time, so they’re already a little, or okay, very… in touch with their inner sex goddesses. But then they’re around an incubus, who is pretty much pure sexual energy in a sense, and they haven’t shielded properly so they get a little intense. Which makes Anna a LOT jealous and territorial.

Wow.  Sounds great.  Thanks, Zoe!

Book Trailer: Save My Soul by: Zoe Winters from Zoe Winters on Vimeo.

Bio: Zoe Winters writes quirky and sometimes dark paranormal romance. She lives with her husband and two cats. Her favorite colors are rainbow and clear. To learn more about Zoe, visit her at: or her blog at


6 thoughts on “Interview: Paranormal Romance Author Zoe Winters

  1. Okay…but who DOESN'T have a fondness for naked bonfire time??I read this book a month or so ago and loved it. Zoe takes her books places you wouldn't expect and is a refreshing voice in the genre.

  2. @ Kayja, keyboardhussy and C.J Duggan — thanks for reading and commenting. Zoe's answers are so great, I can't imagine anyone wouldn't give SAVE MY SOUL a look. I already have a digital copy for my Nook Color, but I will also check out the audiobook once it turns up on Audible, where I have a membership.

  3. @Jenx Byron, I love it when I have guests, too! I was overjoyed to have first Evelyn Lafont, then Zoe Winters featured here. I hope to have at least two more guests in the next 2-3 weeks.

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