Victorian Cats

Pondering the indignities suffered by Victorian cats

Hello.  It’s me — Howard.  Mother is still in a state of collapse.  Apparently she had a little too much fun last night.  So today I’ll be writing her blog post.  And what’s on my mind?  Cats.  Specifically, the ridiculous images of Victorian cats.


Okay, check out the above.  First of all, have you ever tried to put a bonnet on a cat?  Second — what’s up with those heels?  A HUMAN couldn’t walk on them, LADY GAGA couldn’t walk on them.  The artist must have been “chasing the dragon” with some of that legal opium the Victorians used to enjoy.

Poor guy looks suicidal…

Even Victorian “natural” cats were robbed of their dignity, it seems.  At least back then there was no such thing as declawing…

What the heck is “eclectric” oil?  Both electric and eclectic???

Even then, of course, we were exploited for advertising purposes.  The price of being so adorable.

Ahh … much better.

But you see, all was not indignities and exploitation.  See above, and tremble at the League of Extraordinary Victorian Attack Kittens!  (Which would be the title of my own steampunk novel if I wasn’t generally too busy to write it.)  Have a lovely Sunday.  I’m going back to sleep…

Always sleep with a busy ball nearby…

4 thoughts on “Victorian Cats

  1. Howard, so nice to see a new post for you.And I must say, I think the Victorian cats had it easier than those of the Middle Ages, especially black cats, like your buddy Salem.And those heels…absurd!Personally, I think you're look really great in a bonnet with a big dark brown bow!

  2. @ mewofford, I woke Howard long enough to relay your message. He said, please don't encourage Salem's persecution complex! He already thinks every door-to-door salesman is an Agent of the Caticide or the Catpocolypse.

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