In Which I Properly Introduce Myself

The Author

Hello.  I am Howard.  Mother is writing — fancy that, as in writing actual fiction.  As opposed to Facebook-ing, Twittering, and whatever else it is she’s been doing to try and promote her books. Since she didn’t get a blog post together for today, I will take over and write something truly interesting.

I see you

You see I’ve grown up quite a bit since my adoption in August.  This is mostly because my big brother, Salem, believes in “toughening up” new kittens.

He actually looks happy here

My interests are many and varied.  I enjoy chattering in the window at birds (why won’t they come closer when I ask them nice?), stripping mouses down to the core, chasing Sister, wrestling with Brother, snuggling on Mother’s lap and sleeping on the cable box.  One day I will dart out the front door and discover what’s out there.

Typical prey

I am often asked (in my mind) if I will write my own book and become an indie author like Mother.  Maybe one day.  But for now, I have found the truest contentment of all:

The end

7 thoughts on “In Which I Properly Introduce Myself

  1. I see Howard has joined Salem in online posting. What talented felines reside at Stephanie's house.I must admit, I was wondering when Howard would take up the challenge.

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