So here’s my new blog

Fearful Symmetry (Past Lives series #1) should be ready on schedule if I keep up at this pace.  My current version is okay but the new one is better.  Part of the genius of the ereader is the 20% sample.  No peeking at the ending.  No big cardboard “dump” full of books or little placard stating “Bethany, Sales Associate, Recommends.”  Just the cover and the first 20%. So simple, and frankly a pretty good way for readers to decide if they’re interested.  I have a graphic artist working on the cover.  But the first 20%?  My one beef with the original version of FS was, it took a good 10 pages to really get going.

Not anymore.

As for the “retrocognition” chapters, when the present day heroes witness their 1870 selves living in a steampunk subculture of Victorian England, I’m not taking away but actually expanding.   More weird but true details (I am an encyclopedia at this point).  More completly fake but pretty damn cool details about the Order and the telepaths, telekinetics, and pyrokinetics who pulled the strings in Imperial Britain (and therefore the western world) until October 1870.

My other project is pure fanfic.  But I can’t speak freely without getting sued.  Let’s just say that a certain author, now deceased, used to write about telepaths on a planet I’ll call Sporkover.  Now, years after her death, certain writers have been hired to carry on the stories and I HATE what they’ve done.  Especially to, um, Pastur and his soulmate, Flanilo.  So I have been writing my own kick-ass final sequel to 1975’s Meritage of Pastur and 1981’s O’Hara’s Next Tile.

Maybe one reason it’s so much fun, and is turning out so good, is because there’s no pressure.  It can never see the light of day.

Unless, of course, I turn the sun blue or something …

Time to write and be sure Fearful Symmetry is ready for primetime in September.

One thought on “So here’s my new blog

  1. ok you already have me jonesing to read earful Symmetry (Past Lives series #1)! I love steampunk, and I love any paranormal stories. Combining the two is just gravy for me!

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